The procedure in applying bridal makeup

Procedure bridal makeup - To enhance the appearance bridal makeup, it took a lot of steps and things to consider before applying to the face to be dressed. Maybe you need a reference, here we will discuss the basic steps in the perfect bridal makeup to be beautiful. Before that, you also need to pay attention to the shape of the face, the selection of makeup as well and also look at skin color to match the selected makeup. So you will get maximum results in the bridal makeup bride. For essentially the steps are as follows :
The procedure in applying bridal makeup

The procedure in applying bridal makeup
  1. Clean the face of the oil, preferably also in the neck to the chest. 
  2. If your skin is included in the dry type, then you can apply tonic first evenly on the face and neck. 
  3. After the face dries, then that apply so stick pan evenly on the face and neck and looks blend well at all points.
  4. Take and apply foundation on the circumference of a black eye first. You can mix the powder and liquid foundation as well. Scrub with your hands smooth and soft. Furthermore averaged foundation of the entire face and neck for a better basic application and maximum.
  5. Rub or sprinkle the powder with a big sponge on the entire face and neck, it is useful to flatten and accelerate the process of powder. Next use a wet cotton ball to clean the excess powder. Try to do with smooth and soft.
  6. Repeat the application of the pan to the face and neck little by little by hand. If excessive, then you can use a wet cotton ball to clean it.
  7. Apply foundation evenly on the back of the neck and face, once again use a cotton ball if the foundation is used in excess.
  8. Apply shiner on the entire face using fingertips slowly. 
  9. Use blush on the cheekbones, use your fingers to make an impression and more evenly blend. Repeat the application until the overlap and look thicker bit.
  10. Apply eyeshadow pencil with a little too long and formed, repeated twice and then smooth it with a brush to make it look more unified or not broken.
  11. Apply highlighter colored gold or silver, it can be adapted to the color of the wedding dress that will be worn.
  12. Use brown eyebrow pencil, followed by brush so that the color more evenly.
  13. On the lash line, use eyeliner carefully.
  14. Wear mascara on both the lashes, top and bottom with caution.
  15. To use lipstick, try using a pencil first to form a more perfect lips so, then just wear lipstick in a line that was made earlier. To add to the impression of life, you also can add to make it more shiny lip gloss.
That's the basic steps or the procedure in applying bridal makeup. You can also create their own by adding other accessories such as glitter powder or other materials also conform to the place and culture in your area. A few of us and hopefully can help.

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