Tips on caring for a wedding ring so durable and still shines

How to care for a wedding ring - On this occasion we will share a few tips that are not needed by everyone. But along with the times, do not be surprised if the wedding is very mandatory to use and exchange rings between the bride and groom. So as to perform maintenance, you also need to know what are the steps that must be taken. please note, the ring is a sign or symbol that indicates that we already have a partner so by looking at the ring finger, we also avoid the mind to commit fraud or cheating.
Tips on caring for a wedding ring so durable and still shines
Actually do not need complicated steps in the treatment, we just need to see and observe what the wedding ring of material you use. Therefore, there are some easy steps to take care of the wedding ring to make it more durable. Curious? The following tips!

Tips on caring for a wedding ring so durable and still shines
  1. If you use a platinum wedding ring, try not to wear it when doing heavy work. One example is a sport or other activity that may also result in the ring could be damaged because platinum ring is easily scratched.
  2. Avoid using a ring when you've made contact with substances containing chlorine, eg bleach, decontaminating or disinfecting also often used in swimming pools because it will result in a ring quickly faded and worn.
  3. For women, it is advisable to release the ring before making contact with cosmetics. Avoid rings exposed to moisture such as perfumes, lotions, and hair oil. Because in addition to making the color change, the materials will damage the metal ring. So try using the ring after you dress or body makeup.
  4. Clean regularly before storage, especially when after use. Use a soft cloth or tissue paper can also be used.
  5. Keep the ring has its own storage space. do not be stacked with other jewelry because it will cause abrasions or scratches due to frequent friction between the jewelry.
  6. Store in an area free from direct sunlight and has a cool temperature. Place the box or plastic bag is also special.
  7. If there is a black spot or stain is also very sticky, boil ring with soap cleanser. but it is recommended to use lemon. Boil about 5-10 minutes then wipe and brush.
By doing all the steps above, then we can guarantee that your ring will still look like new exactly when you make a purchase. A few of us and good luck!

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