5 Examples of Wedding Bouquets

Wedding Bouquet - Previously we've shared about Sample Wedding Invitation Design Drawings. And this time, we will discuss more about the preparations to be made to carry out a wedding reception that will be held. Are often so the question is: How do I get an idea in designing bouquets for weddings? Now therefore, let us now observe and see some pictures of examples of wedding bouquets that will we attach. Curious? Here are excerpts!
Wedding Bouquet Green House Effect
Photography: YunHee Kim
How beautiful bouquet this one. We could get the impression that more cool, airy and elegant. But all depends on the dress we wear to the reception later. It is highly required to be combined so that all fit and look more beautiful.
Wedding Bouquet Painterly Purples
Photography: YunHee Kim
This wedding bouquets is perfect paired with a simple dress. Because the light emitted from the flowers is dim but not throw an elegant impression in it. With a little bit of purple-clad white. The wreath is very nice and look nicer.
Wedding Bouquet Sunny Spray
Photography: YunHee Kim
Yellow wedding bouquets is very seeded with a dress that has a bright color. Reflected light is very bright. But in general, the design of this one is rarely used because it requires a bright dress well. But for those of you who want to try, to be clever in choosing and mixing and matching between the bouquet and wedding dress you wear.
Wedding Bouquet
Photography: YunHee Kim
Dim impression and calm, it is obtained from this wreath. But these flowers look beautiful and elegant. So we got a more elegant impression when holding it. If seen from the picture, we've been able to figure out that the interest in the design of mixed colors can be matched with dresses like.
Wedding Bouquets
Photography: YunHee Kim
And the latter is one of the wedding bouquets are the most popular. In addition to a neutral color, so do not dismiss to be combined with any dress. And accessories with the addition of the ribbon, very nice to give the impression of a more dynamic and neat.

Finished already about 5 Examples of Wedding Bouquets, To know more pictures, please see also our previous article. And just added, of interest that can be used, we need to know in advance the color of the wedding dress that you will wear. So with that, you will rely more easily in finding colors and types of flowers what to wear. Well so first and hopefully can help ..!

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